Alamiah Body Oils offer a taste of the tropics with natural exotic bodycare products. Balinese Body Oil, Salt Scrubs, Bath Salts, Scar Balm, Natural Bug Spray, Aromatherapy, Organic ingredients and Pure essential oils.








































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 Alamiah Body Oils ~ All Natural Exotic Bath and Body Oil ~ Aromatherapy ~ Pamper yourself with all natural products! Organic ingredients and Pure essential oils,aromatherapy oil, Experience the Beauty of Bali on your skin! Alamiah Balinese Body Oil ~100% Natural ~ Exotic Bodycare with spices and pure Plant essences ~ Make Your Skin Ecstatic! Copyright 2001-2013 Alamiah Body Oils All Rights Reserved.  

Alamiah Body Oils: Balinese Body Oil, Salt Scrubs, Bath Salts, Cocamint Creme Shampoo, BUGabu

     Here you will find a variety of all-natural body and bath products using only the finest high-quality ingredients. Alamiah means "natural" in the Indonesian Language, which pretty much sums up our philosophy. We are dedicated to offering only the finest products with no cheap fillers, preservatives, or any ingredients that are not absolutely excellent for the body, mind and spirit...

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire:
it is the time for home."
~ Edith Stillwell

"In the depths of Winter
I finally learned there was in me
an invincible Summer."
~ Albert Camus

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Drawing held December 20th.

Alamiah Gift Certificates make wonderful gifts for the holidays!
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Luxuriating in a hot bath with wonderful natural bath and body oils, both during and afterwards, is fabulous for dry Winter skin! Our Breathe Deep Bath Salts are available this Winter season as well, to help keep your sinuses clear.

It's also a good idea to drink plenty of water and warm herbal teas, with a humidifier to combat the dry Winter heat. Keeping a pan of water on or near your heater can help, and indoor fountains are great for this too.

This can also help if you are one of the ten million Americans dealing with the "Winter blahs" or SAD Syndrome, where a holistic approach may be helpful. Eating a diet high in fresh raw foods, getting plenty of sunlight and exercise, improving your air quality, having an excellent body care regimen, and taking extra time to pamper yourself during this season will help those with dry skin and low spirits thrive during the Winter months! For more natural products to help your skin get through the cold season see the Shopping Cart, where you will also find fabulous gifts to pamper the special people in your life.

For a more personal touch,
Baliana Nights Oil makes a great stocking stuffer for your significant other. Similar to the Balinese Oil, Baliana Nights Oil is a bit more pungent and exotic, with even more rare essential oils added like sandalwood and neroli, used for thousands of years to excite and stimulate the senses. (Remember to set oil bottle in a cup of warm water to liquify if it gets very cold this Winter.)

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Sign the guestbook or come to the Alamiah booth at show below, and sign up to win $25 of free Alamiah products for holiday gifts! Winner drawn and announced December 20th.

Annual Balcony Club Christmas Show


Holiday Art & Gift Show
at the Balcony Club
1825 Abrams Rd. at Gaston Ave. in east Dallas, 75214

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17th 6pm - 9:30pm

Join us for live music, great art and complimentary appetizers

Support your local artists, and give gifts made from the heart! Purchase unique hand made items, enjoy a glass of wine, and experience great live musical entertainment! Free Admission.

Affordable hand-crafted gifts by local artisans will include: Original jewelry, Exotic natural bath and body oils, Fine art photography prints, Mosaics, Stained glass, Hand-painted cards, and more.

The Balcony Club is a live jazz club perched above the historical Lakewood Theater in a beautiful art deco setting; the hippest spot in Dallas for jazz, roots music, and down-home blues!

Located halfway between White Rock Lake and Highland Park,
 The Balcony Club has as many as three bands each night, with a full bar. Open 7 days a week, 3pm to 2am. 1825 Abrams, Suite B, Dallas, TX 75214. 214.826.8104  For info about the holiday show, contact Cass at 214.680.3838 /, or Pamela at



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Alamiah Body Oils ~ All Natural Exotic Bath and Body Oils ~ Aromatherapy ~ Pamper yourself with all natural products! Organic ingredients and Pure essential oils. Alamiah Body Oils offer a taste of the tropics with natural exotic bodycare products. Balinese Body Oil, Salt Scrubs, Bath Salts, Scar Balm, Natural Bug Spray, Aromatherapy, Cocamint Creme Shampoo, Organic ingredients and Pure essential oils. The Balinese Body Oil is sheer heaven for dry skin, and the exfoliating and softening properties of the Balinese Oil Salt Scrub make for a delightful home spa experience. Visit the Alamiah online Spa and watch the interview for more products made with only pure essential oils and other high-quality ingredients! Online Christmas Gifts Store. The Balinese Oil is now available in new gorgeous Vintage Decor Bottles, adorned with jewels, coins and crystals! A wonderful gift for someone extra special…This gorgeous Balibook is handcrafted by the native Balinese people from nature's leaves, bark and handmade paper.  Each one unique; a beautiful yet durable gift for friends, or as your own special dream journal! We have added Alamiah Lucky Bamboo for a beautiful Feng Shui touch. (Is said to bring luck and fortune, and adds serenity to your living space.) Only tropical fruit, nut, flower and plant oils are used to make this gentle shampoo that cleanses and conditions the hair naturally with coconut; leaving it clean and scented with ylang ylang & peppermint. Does not weigh hair down and works well on thick or fine hair. No harsh ingredients that can strip away natural oils…A Balispice Hair Rinse will be out in early 2005. ~ No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ~ No chemical solvents ~ No synthetic perfume fragrances ~ No preservatives or dyes. For those with split ends and damaged, blown dry, color-treated hair we recommend a DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT every few months with the Alamiah Balinese Oil. Directions to deep condition your hair ~ apply 1 to 2 T of Alamiah Balinese Oil to hair, and comb through until hair is saturated. Wrap a hot wet towel around head and place a dry towel over it to hold in heat. Wait about 30 minutes before washing oil out of hair. (Oil can also be worn in hair overnight with no heat.) After shampooing, your hair will have a soft, beautiful sheen and will smell fabulous! This Salt Scrub will exfoliate your skin and leave it soft and glowing with a sheen of the Balinese Body Oil! A one-step home spa treatment you can do in your own shower. Comes in a glass jar with its own beautiful Balinese hand-carved coconut shell/mother of pearl spoon. BUGabu Spray helps keep mosquitoes and other carnivorous bugs away, without the nasty odor and chemicals usually found in bug sprays. Containing only plants and essential oils that repel these flying critters, Alamiah BUGabu Spray is highly effective in keeping bugs at bay, yet safe enough to use on small children, pets, clothing and even on the face. Contains natural organic nepetalactone, found in recent studies to be ten times more effective than DEET without the side effects! Alamiah Mango Gingermint Scrub... Will cleanse and exfoliate the face, leaving it soft as silk. This exotic mixture contains sweet buttery tropical palm sugar from the coconut tree; fresh ginger root and peppermint for their stimulating properties; mango fruit and raw honey for their active enzymes; and salts from the sea and shikakai nut for their cleansing properties; in a base of the moisture-retaining Alamiah Balinese Oil blend. Unlike many face scrubs, it is gentle enough to use every day. Comes with a coconut shell spoon, hand-carved in Bali, to make this beautifying treatment an island experience! Alamiah Scar Balm...Helps to restore damaged skin tissue to its normal healthy state, when massaged daily into newly healed wounds or stretch marks. An extraordinarily healing product, useful for more than just scars. This blend of cocoa butter, vitamin E, helichrysum and other rare essential oils, with added Alamiah Balinese Oil for extra skin softening, can help keep scar tissue from forming when used after surgery. The renewing properties of these highly prized essential oilswith the increase of circulation through massage, have a synergistic effect on keloid tissue and other types of scarring. Though results are more effective and faster (usually 1-3 months) when used on recent wounds, Alamiah Scar Balm can help improve the appearance of even long term scars if this treatment is applied consistently. We Offer 3 kinds of bath salts: Breathe Deep, Orange Mango Spice and Lavender Garden. Alamiah Breathe Deep Bath Salts... This blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and other analgesic essential oils can help relieve tired muscles and clear the breathing passages when used in the bath. Alamiah Orange Mango Spice Bath Salts... This uplifting blend has pure mango butter added for skin softening as well as Indonesian spices. Both the fruit and the color orange are associated with joy. Lavender Garden Bath Salts...Use this floral blend of antiseptic lavender, soothing ylang ylang and calming blue German chamomile to add some romantic floral fantasy to your bath. body oil, body oils, aromatherapy, aromatherapy products, aromatherapy essential oils, aromatherapy oils, aromatherapy massage, body oils scents, health and beauty, health and beauty products, salt scrub, salt scrubs, essential oils, supplier, wholesale, essential beauty, massage oil, massage oils, beauty products, beauty, beauty tips, tips, gift for her, gift for him, massage therapy, massage techniques, massage oil, massages, bath and body, bath, body, works, bath and body products, online shopping, online, shopping, online store, online stores, shampoo, shampoos, creams, romantic, romantic gifts, gifts shop, gifts shops, shops, usa, united states, dallas, texas, tx, essential, essential body oils, scar, scar treatment, scar removal, natural health products, natural healing, natural health care, organic essential oils, organic essential, ointment, ointment for scars, natural cure, natural, natural fragance, natural fragance oils, mint shampoo, meditation supplies, meditation, lavender, lavender oil, peppermint oil, peppermint, best beauty products, fine beauty, fine bath, bodycare, bodycare products, bodycare shops, stores, bodycare stores, beauty supply, beauty supplies, beauty supplies online, gift, gifts baskets, gift ideas, christmas online, christmas gift basket, christmas gift baskets, christmas gift for man, christmas gift for woman, online shopping store, shipping, secure online shopping, secure online store, balinese, bath oil, bath oils, hair care, designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, on-line retailer, all natural essential oil aromatherapy products, botanical,










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